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Some troubles with softwarereset on BF527

Question asked by Mathias on Nov 16, 2010
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I testet some routines to reset the DSP like Softwarereset with SWRST or WDOG-Timer.

Now i will restart the DSP with a new Bootstream from an another address. The DSP boots from

SPI-Flash and the Bootloader is written @ address 0x00000h. The second Bootloader is laying @ adress 0x20000h.

That is what i have understood of the manual HWR:


If i will reboot my Device, i have to set the BCODE in SYSCR-Register.

If i will make a Software-Reset without start the normal bootsequence. I set the BCODE to 0x01h.

After this instruction, a systemreset is set with the SWRST-register.


If the DSP have finished the Reset, i will reboot.


this i can do withe raise(1), but this is not what i want to do.


I will restart my DSP from SPI like the normal Bootstream. My Firmware lays after the Bootloaderfile.

The 2nd loader should be started at the new adress of the SPI-Flash.


Thats my code:


void swreset(unsigned long ulBootcode)
    unsigned long dFlags;
    unsigned long i;
    *pSYSCR |=    ulBootcode<<4;
    for(i=0;i<100;i++)    // Warteschleife von 100 Takten um Systemreset einzuleiten

    bfrom_SpiBoot(0x20000, dFlags, 0, NULL);




I´m thinking the raise(1)-instruction will never arrive. The DSP is hanging if i use this code.


So I´m reading the manual again and again. My new idea is to overwrite all important registers for a systemreset.


(I found the OTP, but if i´m right, that´s not the best way to handle.)

SYSCTRL-, SYSCR-, SWRST- and the MMR-Registers are the important register to reboot the DSP from the firmware.


Now the questions:


1. What´s wrong with my code? Did i had forgotten to set important Flags? Have anyone an idea?


2. Are the registers all important register for booting?


3. Can i manually reboot the DSP just with writing the SYSCTRL-, SYSCR-, SWRST- and the MMR-Register?


4. If the OTP-Memory is written with custom settings,  can i start the DSP normal with the bootroutine and reset it with  entries on OTP-Memory?

    Or is that unimportant to do this?