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Need amplifier like OP497 but smaller size

Question asked by KoleD on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2015 by krisf

We have had success in building an amplification circuit with the OP497 G class amplifier. Our application is amplifying a very low current DC input signal from a photodiode which will be charge integrated after the output in a CAEN V792N QDC card.

We are looking for something a little smaller in size to fit on our amp boards. We still need low input bias current and a quad op-amp package with 14 pins. Do you have an amplifier like the OP497, or a smaller version of the OP497? The approximate dimensions are 4mm x 8mm (package only, without pins). For reference, we need something the same size as the LT1817S amplifier:

(See page 19 for dimensions on "S-package").