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L1 Code Size

Question asked by tamirci on Feb 23, 2015
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I have been developing with BF537 which has 64 KB of L1 instraction memory in total. When i go to ldf file i m seeing them as seperatly as MEM_L1_CODE (48K) and MEM_L1_CODE_CACHE (16K).


Unfortunelty i got following error after my final code addition:


[Error li1040] "..\system\startup_ldf\app.ldf":271 Out of memory in output section 'L1_code' in processor 'p0'

        Total of 0x222 word(s) were not mapped.

For more details, see 'linker_log.xml' in the output directory.



Linker finished with 1 error

cc3089: fatal error: Link failed

make: *** [RadNET.dxe] Error 1



**** Build Finished ****


I think this error indicates code size is bigger than L1 code size.


First of all i would like to learn how can i see my total code size?


Second, I need to be sure the meaning of error: doe is complaint about 48K overflow or whole 64K is filled?


The error comes from following code part:


      L1_code DEF_SECTION_QUAL




         /*$VDSG<insert-input-sections-at-the-start-of-l1_code>  */

         /* Text inserted between these $VDSG comments will be preserved */

         /*$VDSG<insert-input-sections-at-the-start-of-l1_code>  */


         INPUT_SECTIONS($OBJS_LIBS(L1_code cplb_code cplb noncache_code))





         /*$VDSG<insert-input-sections-at-the-end-of-l1_code>   */

         /* Text inserted between these $VDSG comments will be preserved */

         /*$VDSG<insert-input-sections-at-the-end-of-l1_code>   */


      } > MEM_L1_CODE


so i really wonder if MEM_L1_CODE_CACHE is used or not. if not how i can use this memory area to overcome this issue.




i have 2MB flash on AMS0 and have boot option as 000 and 001. So i may also run code from flash directly. But i wonder if i can run some part of code from flash and some part of it from L1 code area.


Furthermore; i also have 64MB of SDRAM connected to the SMS. Can i use this area to load code and debug? or can i indicate loading some part of code into SDRAM instead of L1 during boot?


what is the meaning of Memory usage fields? Currently Internal SRAM only is chosen.Do i need to chose one of other oprions?


I really need your immediate direction on this topic.


Best regards,