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ADV7513 Spec questions

Question asked by on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by mattp

I have questions from a customer regarding the
ADV7513 which is use in a future product.



Currently I do some ‘turn-on’
measurement on my prototype board.


  Following some of my measurements and my conclusions are
displayed. I wonder now if I understood the RMS noise mentioned in your
datasheet on page 42 correctly. I did a frequency analysis with my scope an
plotted the amplitude in dBuV over frequency. I took the frequency with the
maximum amplitude and converted the amplitude given in dBuV to uV. After that I
converted the amplitude to RMS value. I reckoned if the maximum value is below
the smallest rms value of you plot on page 42 we fulfill the requirements. Is
that a correct understanding of that specification?


  • On page 11 the datasheet mentions a voltage called PLVdd
    which I cannot find on any pin description in the datasheet. Therefore, I
    assumed that PVDD is PLVDD and the requirements on page 42 are valid. Is that


   On  page 11 the datasheet says that for DVdd and
BGVdd the maximum RMS is 64 mVRMS. Is it true that this describes the maximum
RMS value for any given frequency up to 10 MHz similar to the plot on page 42?


Thanks, Eddy