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Errors with FMComms 2

Question asked by AlexRyan on Feb 22, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by sgvozdenovic

We've been having errors with our FMComms2-EBZ board. Notably, it seems to produce no useful output data when receiving, and is unresponsive or completely unviewable for the IIOScope application. The kernel messages note that Dig Tuning has failed on either the Tx or both the Tx and Rx. The SPI Probe does note several deferrals, but it does seem to recognize the system as being AD9361-based.


Does anyone know if we're doing something wrong with the setup for making the system work?


We are running the platform with the latest pre-built images (Feb. 6, 2015), on a Zedboard, following the instructions posted here:

Zynq Quick Start Guide [Analog Devices Wiki]

, for copying the BOOT.bin and devicetree files for zed FMComms2 platform.


We also have an FMComms1, and upon swapping the FMComms2 with it, and copying over the different files, does work flawlessly. This does seem to indicate that the Zedboard is working as it should, and that either the files for the FMComms2 in the pre-built image folder or the FMComms2 itself appears to have the issue preventing it from working.