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Query on ADUCM360 Analog Microcontroller

Question asked by SaiJagini on Feb 21, 2015
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We are testing ADuCM361 (24-bit ADC controller) for Accurate analog to digital conversion in our sensor interface circuits.

Here we are attaching our Test Results Document with Test Methods and Test Circuit.


Note: sheet-1 of document contains ADC configuration settings & Details of elements which were used in ADC circuit.


Observation from Tests:

      1.From our testing we got minimum %Error as 1% at Gain4 which not at all suitable for high accuracy sensors.

      2.As we are going for higher Gains %Error is increasing gradually which is inverse of what we expect i.e we thought that higher Gains are more accurate at lower voltages.

      3.And For Gain2 transient behaviour has observed.


Regarding this, we are having some queries which are listed below.


      1. What is the best accuracy that can be achievable through ADuCM361. Is it can be used for measuring voltage with an error below 1uV.

  2. Please specify precautions /specific settings need to be taken when ADC is using for Micro volt (uV) accuracy.


     could you please provide test results and connectivity diagram for testing, if you tested.

Note: It will be helpful if ADC test results are provided.


Awaiting for your valuable reply.





ADC Circuit1.JPG