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Click noise reading data from DSP

Question asked by Nando.One on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by JohnTo

Hello, how are you?


I am working on a test equipment with ADAU1442 + AD1939. Everything works good, except that when I perform any reading operation, the DSP clicks and pops. SPI is running at 500Khz. The code is very simple... Send the device address, memory address and ready back n Bytes.


I am well aware of the SAFELOAD write to avoid clicks, now I am wondering, is there a safeload read procedure? Because with USBi (in SPI mode) it reads fine, without noises. Now with the microcontroller, I get all sorts of clicks and pops. Bellow is a short video showing the click noises. on the oscilloscope.


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!