Zynq Mini-ITX Device Tree with ADAU1761

Discussion created by hkm-av on Feb 20, 2015
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  I recently built an Ubuntu Linux platform for the Avnet Zynq Mini-ITX 7z045/7z100 platforms, and I found a couple of issues with the device tree files.  Initially I found there was no audio in/out using the codec, even when using an updated adau1761.state file that I downloaded from another forum post on this site (thanks for that!).

  In the zynq-mini-itx-adv7511.dtsi file,  I discovered that the address for the I2C mux was specified as 0x74, instead of the correct address of 0x70.  On further examination, there were no entries for the adau1761 present.  I added a block under the i2cswitch to place the adau1761 at address 0x5, then I copied the axi_i2s_0 (addr 0x77600000) and the zed_sound blocks from the corresponding zedboard dtsi file.   At that point all four audio jacks functioned as expected.

  I figured anyone using the Zynq Mini-ITX with audio would find this useful.  I've attached the updated zynq-mini-itx-adv7511.dtsi that worked for me.