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Question asked by tamirci on Feb 20, 2015
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I have been using BF537 for network streaming purpose for years. I m only transmitting multicast frames and not receiving any data but i set up whole buffer descritors.


I found out that my code does not write actual mac address into EMAC_ADDRLO and EMAC_ADDRHI and does not write anything to EMAC_HASHLO and EMAC_HASHHI. I was seeing my streams at client which is directly connected to the my card over a cross cable.


When i really write my mac into mac address registers i m not able to see my streams at other side because i think DMA, MDMA or PPI error problem happes. I m writing my mac address as EMAC_ADDRLO=304C5648 and EMAC_ADDRHI=00003130.


When i convert it to write 0 into EMAC_ADDRLO and EMAC_ADDRHI i m seeing streams again?


Do you have any idea? What is the effect of using real mac address as decleared above?


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