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Force all data/code into external SDRAM in ADSP 21489 EZ-KIT

Question asked by imu on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by StuartS



I am using ADSP 21489 EZ-Kit Lite.


My question now is that since using external SDRAM heap for dynamic memory allocation (using malloc/calloc) is significantly reducing my run-time performance ( its 10x slower as compared to using only internal heap ).


Therefore, I would like to know if I could place ( or force) all code and data into the external SDRAM (by using the flag USE_SDRAM) and then use all the internal memory sections (since now it now essentially 'unused') as my Heap for dynamic memory allocation at run-time?

If yes, please show me with an example for  placing all code in external SDRAM.


I have attached my .ldf file ( where currently I use both internal and external RAMs for code and data placement and only internal Heap for my run time dynamic memory allocation.


Note: In total, my application requires about 350 KB for heap allocation.