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AduC832 SPI interface in Slave mode does not work with SPICON=0x20 or 0x24

Question asked by Bhal on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by MMA

Hi !

I am using AduC 832 SPI interface to interface with and test my custom FPGA hardware with an SPI interface.

When I set up the 832 as Master (SPICON=0x37) it works properly.. However when I set up the 832 as Slave (SPICON=0x20 or 0x24) the transmissions from 832 have no relation to what I had set up as the Byte to transfer. See attached screen shot in which I had set both master and slave to send 0x88. The Master (MOSI) is sending it correctly on the rising edge. However the Slave is sending 0xDA !!

This was when SPICON=0x24. A different but incorrect output shows up when it is set to 0x20.

What is the problem ? Can you explain ? More important how to fix this ? My Master SPI is set up for 1 MHz clock speed.