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interfacing the ad7193 with tivaware controller

Question asked by rashmiyc on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by rcalam

Hi..i'm using the ad7193 for one of my application..i'm using the internal 4.92 MHz clock.i left the pins MCLK1 and MCLK2,meant to say i didn't not connected to anywhere.And also p2,p3,P1/REFIN2(+),P0/REFIN2(-),AINCOM pins also not connected.


SCLK,CS,DIN,DOUT is connected to controller pins of CLK,CS,TX,RX respectively.DVDD = 5v,Avdd=5v,REFIN1(+) = 2.5V,


DGND,AVDD,DGND,AGND,BPDSW,REFIN(-) is connected to ground.i need to known whether my connection is write or wrong before doing this device operating mode 2?Please help me.





Thanks n regards