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Boot issue on a BF548 Ez-Kit board

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on Nov 15, 2010
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Am having a bad day -- can you point out where I might be going wrong


I have a project -- using 548 LCD screen -- build the project -- runs okay

I have settings using LDF with -- access external memory

and options using external memory


I then switch over to generating a loader


    I presume I need a 16 bit width build


I then disconnect VDSP from the board, power down and power up

Reconnect VDSP and go and access the 548 loader

     I load the driver and load my ldr


    I presume that there is only one driver, so that I can't make a mistake there


I then program the flash

     There are a number of large images that are hard coded so this takes a long time


I then disconnect from VDSP -- remove the JTAG and power down and power up


Not working is something I could handle -- but being totally ignored by the 548 is to much for my shattered ego


Iwas totally ignored, with the system booting up into the standard power up test showing  the 3 blackfin images


Any suggestions to solve my mistake would be apprecaited


Question 3 -- it is an older 548 board -- does that have any impact



Mike Smith