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Question asked by jluqueq on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by Brandon

Hello ADI, we are planning to use the AD-FMCOMMS2 board (which incorporates the transceiver AD9361).

Our purpose is to connect this board with a out door unit for microwave transmission width aprox. 6MHz signal bandwidth. That outdoor unit IF center frequency: 350 MHz for transmission and 140 MHz for reception.


I have to change the balun transformers in AD-FMCOMMS2 to operate in another frequency carrier.


I have the following questions:


- I am understanding that I will have to replace the 2450BL15B050E 2.45 GHz Balun on AD-FMCOMMS2 for TDK HHM1591D1 for transmission, is it correct?

- Which Balun I could use for reception?

- Could be better to use the AD-FMCOMMS3 board for this purpose? If yes, which will be the degradation?


Thank you for your answer