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EVAL CN0346, unrecognized by my pc (win8 x64)

Question asked by heredia_124 on Feb 19, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by jcolao

Hi ,

i have an issue when i try to connect the eval CN0346 board.

i´ve received this 3 evaluations boards.

CN-0346 (circuit evaluation board EVAL-CN0346-PMDZ)

SDP-I-PMOD (interposer board SDP-I-PMOD)

SDP-B(system demostration board EVAL-SDP-CB1Z)


i´ve  followed the instruccions of instalation from here Relative Humidity Measurement System (CN0346) [Analog Devices Wiki]


when i connect the 3 boards at the same time (with their 6v power supply) this message appears.-(even windows dosen´t show a hardware conected)


when i connect only the SPD-B board this message appears.-(even windows recognizes it)


can anyone help me with this problem?

any advice to setup the 3 boards?