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BF561 code linking with custom library

Question asked by prathika on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2010 by CraigG

Hi all,

I have a BF561 code which has to be converted in to a library(Library project group) and add it to another existing bf561 project(call it as Interface project Group).


This is how my project structure as follows:


Library Project Group:

I have created .dlb files individually for Core A, Core B, SML 2 and SML3 projects.There is no main function in CoreA but it contains some peripheral init functions. The CoreB contains idle code. The SML2 has no code. The SML3 has some buffers initialized in different banks of SDRAM. There is no error while compiling individual projects. I never compiled the whole project group as it generates .dlb files individually for CoreA,CoreB,SML2 & SML3.


Interface Project Group:

I am adding the invidual .dlb files generated to their respective projects like CoreA.dlb is added to CoreA project in the group.Similarly other projects.

I have also added all these .dlb files to the main project in the group (without which the linking fails).

Core A:

It has main function that calls the init functions in the CoreA.dlb

Core B:

It has a main function that does nothing


This also contains a main function without any operation.


There is no code in this also.


When i compile the project group, both the cores go to idle mode.


Kindly help me in this regard.Thanks in advance.