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Running RTX on ADuC7024

Question asked by Zeal on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by Zeal

Hi. Can any expert give me an example showing how to setup RTX on ADuC7024 using Keil uVision? Based on what I have figured out so far, I understand I need to:

1. Import the SWI_Handler function (provided by RTX) In my startup file ADuC702x.s

2. Copy RTX_Conf_ADuC702x.c file from my C:\Keil\ARM\RL\RTX\Config folder and rename it to RTX_Config.c

3. Choose "RTX Kernel" as the operating system in the target options window

4. Include RTL.h in main.c

5. Put "__task" before all task functions

6. Initialize RTX with os_sys_init function in my main() function


However, when I was simply trying to initialize RTX in my main() function using  os_sys_init (InitTask), the program just got stuck there and never entered the InitTask.


I suspect there are some errors within my configurations files but I cannot find any specific clue. Please help and thanks in advanced!