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Evaluation board ADXL345Z query

Question asked by rahul10.iitkgp on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by venkat



We have procured ADXL345Z evaluation board and have few queries regarding that:


1. In static condition (i.e., at rest), is there still any reading (like an offset) from any of the three axes?


2. What is the bandwidth of ADXL?


3. Is there any dependence of the sampling rate (rate at which data is logged) on the applied acceleration frequency?


4. Is there any method to connect the board with PC so that we can see the real time output?


5.There are some .hex programming file available at you website (e.g.,datalogger_50Hz_8G_10bit.hex) - what does the name of each file infer about their use-case, that is when to use what?


It will be very helpful if anyone can address our above queries.