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SPDERROR 4001 - EVAL-ADIS LED1 not turning on

Question asked by Daniel_Z on Feb 18, 2015
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I have installed the SPD drivers, and have the IMU_Evaluation program. When I connect the EVAL-ADIS board, only LED2 illuminates indicating there is a connection, but LED1 does not turn on which means it is not initializing. When I connect the board, and turn on the IMU_Evaluation program, I get the following Error:

     Unable to connect to an EVAL-ADIS board.

     Error Message: SPDERROR 4001: device not responding (board may have been physically disconnected).

I have previously had the board working with the IMU_Evaluation program, but one day it stopped working. I am using the ADIS16209 accelerometer with this board. In device manager, it says that the device cannot start when I connect the board.