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Question asked by tneagoe on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by venkat

Hello there, I am looking at ADXL344 for a new project.

It shows there are three eval boards available for this part:

EVAL-ADXL344ZBreakout Board$30.00Yes
EVAL-ADXL344Z-DBUltra Low Power Development Board$59.00Yes
EVAL-ADXL344Z-MMother Board$249.00Yes


Either it is missing from the new website you just launched or I have trouble finding it but there is no link to

the documentation page of those boards... schematics, User Manuals, BOM, etc.

I sent a similar request on the ADXL375. Honestly somebody needs to review the new layout of the website.

Not very easy to figure out what someone needs when they want to evaluate a MEMS device.

Please advise,