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ADUC7601 single ended output

Question asked by Rajesh on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by MMA


We are using ADUC7061 minikit configured primary ADC as single ended .

  1. 1. In datasheet ADC0/ADC5 (single-ended mode). What is the use of ADC5 pin.

And also says Single-ended channels are selected with respect to ADC5.

Bias ADC5 to a minimum level of 0.1 V.


  1. 2. I had connected ADC5 and ADC0 pin then adc result 0x00000, If I had connected ADC5 to

gnd ( 0V ) and ADC0 to gnd ADC results 30 000 counts , how to change it to expected count?


  1. 3. What is the use of  Bias ADC5 to a minimum level of 0.1 V ?.


  1. For external reference I had used VREF+ and Vref- , and says 2.625 v maximum reference input .

Then for external reference high reference (HIGHEXTREF1) bit need to set causes   Vref /2.

I’am having a (0-5)V process control how can I interface 0- 5V external reference?.

What is the maximum external reference can be given to ADC?.


  1. How to set zero offset or zero count