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ad9523-1 EVAL no CD , where are setup files?, cannot get it to run

Question asked by jay_d on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2015 by jay_d

I just got two AD8523-1 evaluation kits that came without a CD ; just a note that says go to and find it. Well the base eval software can be found and downloaded it comes without any setup files that the UG-183 for it refers to.


Where in the world is AD9523-1_983plan_122p88MHz_VCXO_DoublerON.stp , its not located in the eval software area for download. it does not show up in searching for it.

  The UG-183 pdf is done very poorly, it does not even show several of the software control panels such as inp receivers, and the little box icon that controls power down. (it took a while to figure out I had to open up the power down icon and turn on the power sections.)


   Nothing to explain how to set most of the parts features, which are always difficult to figure out using the data sheet


   Can you please tell me where the AD9523-1_983plan_122p88MHz_VCXO_DoublerON.stp


    Is there some place with examples of how to set the parts up?

    Is the AD8532-1 setup under the analog simulation tool, with examples?



    Also it really really nice to get a CD and not some paper so I have to go and find things.