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ADV7625 Eval Board Questions

Question asked by topnomi on Feb 16, 2015
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I just purchased the ADV7625 Eval board, and i have a couple questions.  The board should be delivered in about 2 weeks, and i want to make sure i have everything that i need.


First, my assumptions:

  • I can control this using a serial connection from a Raspberry Pi.
    • By control, i mean: change inputs & trigger OSDs
  • Once the device and it's settings are setup, i do not need the windows software to operate.



  • Scaling
    • can this device be used when the output video needs to be scaled up or down (in order to display properly on a tv)
  • PIP (Picture in Picture)
    • can this device be used to display one input in a box on top of another input?
  • analog audio
    • the user guide mentions "A modified SHARC Audio EZ-Extender® board can be connected to this if analog audio output is desired." but i don't see where to get one.  Any ideas?


I'm sure i'll have other questions, but that's all for now.