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Chip for amplification and digitizing transducer signals

Question asked by DrOnline on Feb 16, 2015
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Me and a group of electronics students are working on a project to develop a
circuit for amplifying and digitalizing signals from 48 individual transducer

We would like some advice on suitable products, perhaps particularily from Analog Devices.

The electronics will be placed on round PCBs fitted into a small sphere roughly 10 centimeters (4 inches) in diameter, so space is an issue.

Sampling frequency:           200 kHz (minimum)
Resolution:                        16 bits (minimum)
Variable gain:                     Up to around 50dB

Ideally, we are looking for multiple channels on each chip, in the area of 4 or 8.

If the chip also has a built in ADC, that might be an advantage.

Does anybody have any advice? Would be much appreciated. There is a plethora of chips with different strengths and disadvantages out there.