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Interrupts between axi_dma_9122 -> custom block -> axi_ad9122

Question asked by MiTfreak on Feb 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by rgetz

Hi all,


This question is related to my previous question Interfacing PS and PL (streaming data from PS to PL) . I have implemented FIFO buffer on PS side (buffer is mapped to shared memory between PS and axi_ad9122_dma), so now I am able to send data to DAC continuously (basically I have buffer with packets from MAC Layer, and I cyclic send them to DAC). Now, I want to put my Tx IP (I already implemented this in System Verilog, and in simulation it is working), between ax_ad9122_dma and axi_ad9122  to make PHY layer framing and modulation. But again I need some sort of advice (or how to).


I implemented functions for handling interrupts from ad9122 on PS. So I am able to directly stream data from PS to DAC, without Tx in between. What I do not understand, if I put my Tx IP, which has this inputs:


clk (clock signal at the input),

rst (reset signal),

start (start signal, indicating when there is data from MAC layer to send),

length (length of packet) [6:0],

data (raw MAC layer packet) [7:0],

modclk (clock at output),

modIout (I branch output) [7:0],

modQout (Q branch output) [7:0])


how I will be able to control DAC and to handle interrupts from DAC (I need to wait Tx to process data before I can send another packet of data)? Is there any example in which there is custom IP block between axi_dma_9122 and axi_ad9122 which is doing some procession of data?


Thank you in advance on answer,


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