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Dolby/DTS in ADSP-2147x

Question asked by JacobK on Feb 15, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by jobo23

In the ADSP-2147x brief, it states that:

Factory programmed ROM versions containing latest audio decoders from Dolby and DTS, available to IP licenses


Which Dolby and DTS decoders are included, specifically?  Are these selected from the modules shown here or are they a standard set of decoders?


We're interested in the following decoders, which seem to have these RAM requirements:

  1. Dolby Digital AC3: 740Kbits
  2. DTS 5.1: 1.2Mbits
  3. MPEG4 HE-AAC v2: 2.7MBits


We're trying to decide whether we can get by with the 3Mbits of RAM in the ADSP-21478 or whether we need the 5Mbits of the ADSP-21479.  Is RAM a limiting factor here?


I'm not completely sure how to think about the sum of RAM + ROM space versus sum of space requirements of the 3 modules above.  Can these 3 decoders can be spread out across RAM and ROM?  Or do they all have to be in ROM (in which case I'm in trouble since ROM is only 4Mbits, whereas these 3 modules need 4.6Mbits).


Thank you for some hand-holding .