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ADV7630: Noisy Display  1920x1200@60Hz ,193MHz

Question asked by aimPoint on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2015 by aimPoint

Hi all


The problem that a monitor using ADV7630 becomes the noisy image in a market occurs.

After inspecting the same setting with ADI evaluation board, a problem reappeared.


Input image: 1920x1200@60Hz 193MHz (or reduced 154MHz)


When I touch it by hand or cold sprays an input signal path of ADV7630, noises increase.

The mass production product may be improved when I write x011 in HDMI map 0x85.

However, quantity of noise increases even if I perform the same operation with an evaluation board of ADI.


From the above, I doubt an Equalizer part.

If there is effective setting by frequency band, please tell me.


I attach below a summary and register setting data.




Best Regars