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Measuring low impedance with AD5933 Evaluation Board

Question asked by aurochs on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2015 by musach


Referring to UG-364 (AD5933 Evaluation Board User Guide) page 20, I'm interested in 100 Hz-1 kHz frequency range to measure low impedance using Zcalibration of 182 Ohm. However, the lowest clock frequency I can go is 2 MHz (refer to the attachment). When I followed the Guide ie using 200 kOhm resistor, I could go to 100 kHz as the Guide suggest. My uestions are:


1. Is the result I get because of low impedance measurement?

2. Does the evaluation board have a built in circuit to measure low impedance, because I thought AD8606 is for that purpose?

3. I use a function generator to supply the MCLK clock signal. Is there any way I could tap the included crystal clock AEL4303 and scale the signal?