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ADV212 design information

Question asked by senthilnathan on Feb 13, 2015
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In my application I planned to operate the ADV212 in custom-specific encode mode,  input is sent through the V data bus  and output is get through H data bus, so connect all the  H data and V data pins to FPGA but I didn't fix the output access mode.


1. Please suggest which  CODE access mode is suitable for compression based on target size?

2. If I choose compression based on target quality, than how to  calculate the compression rate, compressed image size ?

3. If I use H data bus in 16 bit normal host mode rather than 32 bit normal host mode than I have to pull down  the remaining H data pins to  ground  even though it is connected to FPGA ?

4. Is there is any non volatile memory to store the Firmware parameter setting in the ADV212 or we have to load the Firmware parameter setting  externally ?


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