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Default value of CFR2 on AD9951 ??

Question asked by Steven37 on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Steven37


We are about to add support for the AD9951 on one of our products.

We currently use a AD9954 on this board. At power-up the software reads the default value of the CFR2 register to verify that the DDS is fitted.

With a AD9954 this default is 0x180000, this matches the AD9954 rev B data sheet.


When we try a AD9951, the default value of CFR2 reads as 0x040000, which does not match the AD9951 data sheet rev A.

The data sheet says it should also be 0x180000.


It would be nice if the AD9951 should read as 0x040000, and not the value 0x180000 stated in the data sheet, as it would allow the software to identify which DDS type is fitted.


Can anybody confirm that on the AD9951, the default value of CFR2 should 0x040000 ???


Regards Steven.