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interrupt  DeferredCallback

Question asked by Schamman on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2010 by SteveM

Hello Everyone!

I've some questions about DeferredCallback provided by blackfin system sevice.

first I want know the advantage of DCB.



for example I use RTC to generate seconds interupt, minutes interrupt ,  hour interrupt and so on.


adi_rtc_InstallCallback(ADI_RTC_EVENT_SECONDS (void*)NULL, NULL, RTCCallback, (void*) NULL)

adi_rtc_InstallCallback(ADI_RTC_EVENT_MINUTES, (void*)NULL, NULL, RTCCallback, (void*) NULL)

adi_rtc_InstallCallback(ADI_RTC_EVENT_HOURS, (void*)NULL, NULL, RTCCallback, (void*) NULL)





when the time is 00:00:00, there are at least 3 interrupts occuring simultaneously. how can I to handle them in one callback function at the same time


I want know wheathe  the DCB can  handle this problem. How can  I take advantage of DCB.


In the example provided by VDSP

We can see it's usually use only one API to configure DCB ( "adi_dcb_Open(...)" )

so I wonder is that enough to configure the DCB


but in the example of bf533 (  /VisualDSP5.0\Blackfin\Example\ADSP-BF533 EZ-KIT Lite\Service\DeferredCallbacks\ )

there is anther API ( adi_dcb_Post(...) )


what 's the differences?



Wencong Chen