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Built in memory on ADV7401?

Question asked by KevinW on Feb 12, 2015
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I am trying to incorporate an ADV7401 into a design for doing some video conversion.  I am currently playing with a 7401 eval kit to familiarize myself with the registers and the general function of the chip.


My problem:  When I power off the eval kit, the register entries I programmed are lost.  When I reboot the eval kit I have to re-enter all of my registers to resume desired functionality.  This behaviour is undesirable for my design as the default register values do not suit my design.


My question:  Does this chip have onboard memory in the form of a ROM/PROM, or is this chip typically paired with an external PROM attached to the I2C bus?


I have looked in the design manual and can't find any evidence of onboard memory...  I hope I just missed something.


If the 7401 needs to be written to every time it powers up I can do that through an FPGA already in the design but I wanted to post here for some ideas first.


Any help is greatly appreciated!