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ADXL362 Fifo Trigger Mode

Question asked by andi on Feb 12, 2015
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I have a quick question. How would I find out when fifo got enough new data after a Trigger FIFO event occurred? I would like to sample 2s prior and after an threshold interrupt.


My configuration:

* setup FIFO in Triggered mode

* set watermark (Interrupt occurs correctly)

* Activity Threshold, time is set and is triggered correctly


So the applications starts running, FIFO gets filled up with first watermark and then overflow status get set. After a trigger event the interrupt fires. At this point I thought the FIFO would throw away old data and only contains $watermark amount of valid entries. The FIFO ENTRIES REGISTER however does not seem to care whether the trigger occurred or not. If I read too fast I could read old data not belonging to my event?


Could you please specify this / provide full sample for this configuration?


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