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facing problem in implementation and interrupt handling in UART DMA in ADSP21489

Question asked by satya on Feb 12, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2015 by jobo23

Dear Sir,


In my project, i have to work on RS422 interface for receiving input from external source to our unit


My unit is design using ADSP21489, I'm using UART interface for receiving input from external source and opted for uart DMA transfer instead core transfer.


Now, for DMA transfer

In SRU init DPI 9 pin used for UART TX and DPI 10 for UART RX and in hardware also pin assignment taken care

In UART init baud, stop and parity are set in UART0LCR and UART DMA enabled in UART0RXCTL


PICR2 set for to receive interrupt to P13


but interrupt(SIG_P13, UART0_Rx_isr ) service routine is not calling UART0_Rx_isr function when data is available.


please clarify or provide worked sample example to solve my problem as early as possible.