Trouble programming AD5932 Evaluation Board

Discussion created by jaray on Feb 11, 2015

The trouble is that I can not seem to establish communication with the device using the DLL posted here.

AD5930 and AD5932 evaluation board software commands


Miguel has been working with me, but I figured it was time to get a few more eyes on it to try this problem down more quickly.  I am using C++ in the Qt Framework to program the board.  Since the original post did not include a header with function prototypes, I created my own based on the prototypes in the post. On page 2 toward the bottom of the page is where I post a good bit of my source code along with one post having files that are downloadable. 


It seems that part of the issue might be what is returned in the Search_For_Boards function to the Path array.  If I try to pass Path[0] then it crashes.  If instead of defining my pah variable as an unsigned char*[] or char** and just define it as an unsigned char, I am able to at least get the program to compile, but nothing happens on the board end.  I tried watching the path between the SPI controller and the chip but do not see anything on my scope when I run.  Communication isn't being established it seems.