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Several questions on reading webpage of

Question asked by yanjiesh on Feb 12, 2015
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Dear all,


During reading of this web page AD9361 high performance, highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver™ Linux device driver    [Analog Devices Wiki], I did experiment on Zedboard-AD-FMCOMMS3 system, most steps passed well and I did appreciate the contribution by Larcs and Michael.


However there was several problems I met as follows:

  1. How to "make menuconfig" in the step of "ENABLING LINUX DRIVER SUPPORT" ?-- When I tried, the bash responsed that "make: *** No rule to make target 'menuconfig'. stop". Could you provide more information?
  2. When I cated ensm_mode_available, the pinctrl_fdd_indep option was not there, I mean, only the former 4 options were there.
  3. When I tried to echo B-BALANCED > in_voltage0_rf_port_select, the bash told me "echo: write error: Invalid argument.", Why?
  4. After I echoed tx_quad > calib_mode, I cated calib_mode to be auto in vain.


In addition, what are those AUX ADC/DAC supposed to do, I mean, what are their special purposes in the AD9361 design?







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