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Output Power on FMCOMMS3

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Feb 11, 2015
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Someone on the FMCOMMS3 product page:


Someone made the comment:


Power o/p is not as claimed in data sheet. and i tried all the way to get o/p power more than -15 dBm on 400 Mhz, but not able to achieve.

The output power of the chip does not include the loss of the transformer on the FMCOMMS3 board. The -15dBm number is expected, and is shown in the performance metrics we have:


specifically --


AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ Specifications [Analog Devices Wiki]


This is due to the mini circuits transformer. (1-2 dB of insertion loss) and the 330nH inductors which are used to help power the Tx side.


by changing those inductors - power at 400MHz can go up, but then it will drop worse than it does at 6GHz.


I'm sure that Tomas can comment more as well.