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Putting a triggering signal for Zedboard+FMCOMMS1

Question asked by superco on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by larsc

Hi, I have a Zedboard with FMCOMMS1 and was successful to load a waveform from a remote iio-oscilloscope client.

Now, I am thinking of connect the output to my high speed oscilloscope with an aid of a trigger pulse (every time the data buffer cycles).

It seems like there's no signal output to be used as a triggering signal out of the FMC board.

So, I woner if anyone gives me an idea what should be done for this, and/or it would be best to offer an elf image with the feature (I apologize for this but seemingly my Vivado Webpack license does not support a full re-generation with the FMCOMMS1 support.)