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Which is best, AD9952 or AD9958 in terms of near frequency noise?

Question asked by Dany on Nov 13, 2010
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I would like to know which of these two (the 9952 with the comparator) and the 9958 are the quietest in terms of noise at 1kHz of the frequency?


If I compare:


9952    9958


-93         -90     dBc narrow band SFDR at 40MHz and 10kHz spacing

-132     -142     dBc/Hz residual phase noise at 40MHz and 1kHz, direct REFCLK


How to interpret this, when you see that the 9952 shows a much better NBSFDR on the graphs

see 9952, page 10, fig. 11

see 9958, page 12, fig. 11


Thanks for the comments.