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Star-connected resolver with AD2S1205

Question asked by weie on Feb 10, 2015
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I'm using the the AD2S1205 (on EVAL-AD2S1200/05SDZ) and I'm trying to convert an oddly connected resolver.


The resolver (7x-VR, possibly Tamagawa) is only accessible by 4 wires, and internally it's star connected, so what I can actually access is the EXC, SIN and COS; and a fourth wire to which /EXC, SINLO and COSLO are joined inside the resolver.


To my surprise it was possible to run this on a Tamagava EVB set up for a normal six-wire connection, simply by connecting the "star point" to converter side /EXC, SINLO and COSLO. The angle was somewhat distored over on electrical revolution but it was possible to compensate for that.


Now, I'm trying to get this running on an EVAL-AD2S1200/05SDZ, but with no luck. Tracking is somewhat stable in some areas of operation but goes all over the place in others. I've searched for converters supporting this set-up but not found any. Is it possible to set up the EVAL-AD2S1200/05SDZ (or some other A/D EVB) to support a resolver like this?


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