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Buffer size limit and continuous sampling using libiio

Question asked by JohnB on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by rgetz

Hi all,


I am working with the AD9361 (fmcomms3) with the ZC702 board (with the latest kernel and user apps).

I am trying to read samples from the platform to a PC running Windows, MATLAB (R2014b) using the libiio. I am basing my simulink project on the "fmcomms2_3_data_stream" project. The sample reading works OK for small buffers, however it seems that there is a limit on the buffer size to 2^19 = 512k samples (asking for larger buffers causes the MATLAB to declare an error and shut-down).

I have a few questions on the topic:

  • How can I read larger buffers into MATLAB (in the order of ~2.5 million samples per channel)?
  • Is there a way to stream the samples continuously into MATLAB rather than in buffers that are not contiguous (or store them in any other way on a PC running windows or a different OS if needed)?
  • Can you please provide an explanation on how to compile the Libiio from the git repository to a Windows DLL file?
  • Is there a way to compile and run the AD9361 IIO streaming example on Windows remotely from the ZC702 board (if not possible then maybe on a different OS on the remote PC)?