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Configure SDRAM before main()

Question asked by ksweet on Nov 12, 2010

I am using the BF537 processor.  I am having trouble running from the debugger/emulator.  I have a situation where I need to run some user code to configure the memory controller that is built in to the DSP.  Specifically my SDRAM line size differs from the default memory controller configuration in the DSP.


The processor begins execution at the beginning of internal instruction memory (at address 0xFFA00000).  I can see from the map file that VDK library code exists there.  The VDK library code runs first, eventually attempts to access SDRAM, and hangs before it relinquishes control to my code.  I believe the solution is that I need to configure the SDRAM controller (SDC) first.  But I need to get past VDK initialization code to get to user code where I can configure the SDC.  It feels like a chicken/egg paradox.


Any suggestions for me?