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Crystal RefClk not found!

Question asked by gerkm on Feb 9, 2015
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I'm setting up the DDS AD9959 PCBZ with a crystal reference clock (with a QTC6B Crystal 25.000MHz).

Right now when i start running the AD9959 evaluation software, I get a notification, that the RefClk is not found.

I can't figure out the problem.


I have a 1.8V powersupply on the J10, I power the TB1. My computer is connected via USB. the CR1 is shining in green. The CR2 is blinking in red. The jumpers J1-J6, J9,J10 are closed, J7 is put on PC and J11 is put on CRYSTAL. I soldered condensators with 4,7pF on the C66 and C67 and my Crystalclock on the X2. The computer does connect with the board but does not find the RefClk.


What could be the problem?


Thank you very much in advance!