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ADV7181C Color issue

Question asked by kbouhara on Feb 9, 2015
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We are working with ADV7181C and RGB GR mode (XVGA 1024x768) to output YCbCr 4:2:2. We have the following register setting (from adv7180.c hard_reset()): 




     adv7180_write_reg(ADV7180_INPUT_CTL, 0x00);

        adv7180_write_reg(0x05, 0x02); //;Prim_Mode =001b COMP

        //if(video_idx = ADV7180_SVGA) {

        //      adv7180_write_reg(0x06, 0x01); //;VID_STD=1010b for 720P 1x1

        //} else if (video_idx = ADV7180_XGA) {

        adv7180_write_reg(0x06, 0x0c); //;VID_STD=1010b for 720P 1x1

        adv7180_write_reg(0x1D, 0x47); //;Enable 28MHz Crystal

        adv7180_write_reg(0x3A, 0X21); //;set latch clock settings to 010b, Power Down ADC3

        adv7180_write_reg(0x3B, 0x81); //;Enable Internal Bias

        adv7180_write_reg(0x3C, 0x5D); //;PLL_QPUMP to 101b

        adv7180_write_reg(0xC3, 0x56);//ADC1 to Ain5, ADC0 to Ain6,

        adv7180_write_reg(0xC4, 0xB4);//ADC2 to Ain4 and enables manual override of mux

        adv7180_write_reg(0x6B, 0x83); //;Select 16 bit YPrPb out from CP

        //adv7180_write_reg(0x85, 0x03); //;Turn off SSPD and force SOY. For Eval Board.

        adv7180_write_reg(0x86, 0x0b); //;Enable stdi_line_count_mode

        adv7180_write_reg(0xBF, 0x06); //;Blue Screen Free Run Colour

        adv7180_write_reg(0xC0, 0x40); //;default color

        adv7180_write_reg(0xC1, 0xF0); //;default color

        adv7180_write_reg(0xC2, 0x80); //;Default color

        adv7180_write_reg(0x0E, 0X80); //;Enable Hidden Space.

       //adv7180_write_reg(0x52, 0x46); //;Enable SOG/SOY Clamp Filter

        adv7180_write_reg(0x54, 0x00); //;CML Level Change

        adv7180_write_reg(0xF6, 0x3B); //;ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x0E, 0x00);// ; Disable Hidden Space.

        adv7180_write_reg(0x0E,0x80);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x52,0x46);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x54,0x00);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x0E,0x00);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x52,0x80);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x57,0x08);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x5B,0x20);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x5C,0x00);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x62,0x00);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x63,0x01);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x67,0x03);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x68,0x01);//ADI Recommended Setting

        adv7180_write_reg(0x7B,0x1D);//TURN OFF EAV & SAV CODES Set BLANK_RGB_SEL

        adv7180_write_reg(0x8f, 0x02); //;XVGA HSync Clock

        adv7180_write_reg(0x90, 0x50); //;XVGA HSync Clock

        adv7180_write_reg(0x7e, 0xa0); //;XVGA VESA H Back Porch 160pixels

        adv7180_write_reg(0x7d, 0xa0); //;XVGA VESA H Back Porch 160pixels


With this, we don't have a correct color image and we have tried several csc setting from ADV7181C_ADV7181C@_ADV7341-VER.3.2c.txt but without success ...

Question is, what do we have to set for RGB -> YCrCb conversion ? Are we missing something ?