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AD-FMCOMMS6-EBZ: schematics, HDL codes and reference query

Question asked by Cman Employee on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by rgetz

Hello Experts


The below link for the hardware appear to be missing, please can you advise and where to obtain.


wrt the link * : AD-FMCOMMS6-EBZ Hardware [Analog Devices Wiki]


(a) wrt the link * above. The schematic file at the bottom page for download "Rev1D schematic", ... Is of a block diagram. Hence a block diagram from the same file (4 lines below). Do you have the actual schematic circuit diagram. Thanks


(b) wrt the above link *. At the bottom right hand side page. where it reads ..." Next: reference HDL design"... This link appears to be broken (Hence which leads to ... this broken link ... ("...

Please can you advise the link for the HDL code for FMCOMMS6.


(c) The FMCOMMS6 appears to be a Receiver (Rx) board only. Do you have a complimentary Tx board (or a recommended board) to use in conjunction with, i.e. your Seamless integration flow and process. Hence, that works with the VC707 board + FMCOMMS6 + TX? + IIO scope  functionality and capability, etc.


(d)   would you have a more elaborated user guide. i.e. that describe the usage, the interface to e.g. as (c) above for a seamless integration/testing/evaluation of the signal chain/system.


Thanks and Regards,