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bf537 ethernet RX hang with current bfin_mac in git

Question asked by marekm on Feb 9, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by marekm

Testing on a Bluetechnix CM-BF537E module in our own custom boards.  Linux 3.10.10 (2014R1-RC1) was working, after update to latest git sources Ethernet RX hangs (only 1 RX interrupt in /proc/interrupts) while TX is still working (I can see repeated ARP requests from the Blackfin, not getting replies back).  I see there were some recent changes in bfin_mac (convert to NAPI framework).  One strange thing is, I have two boards (same HW design, same boot image) where both boot just fine with U-Boot using DHCP and TFTP, then in one Ethernet RX hangs immediately and the other hangs too but only after some random time (sometimes hours).  Is anyone else seeing similar issues?