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ADE7758 linecycle accumulation procedure

Question asked by rschoop on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by hmani

Hello all,


I have some questions regarding the linecycle accumulation procedure.


1)  When calibrating the ADE7758  for  3phase in  the linecycle accum mode ,    is it required that you apply  the  three phases with  a 120 degrees angle shift  between the phases ??    Or you can  also  apply  the same voltage to  the three phases ??



2)  When  calibrating the  VAR gain ,   the   datasheet says that  you need a  PF of  0 .  Is this  really required ??   I can go  till  a  PF 0.2  with the equipment i have .     When  I see the  VAR gain   formula  ,  I think is should not be a problem  as long as you have  enough  reactive energy .


3)   When   calibrating the IRMS  offset  ,    you  need a    the   IMIN   which is fullscale /500  and   the  test current Itest.    Are there   guidelines for the  test current value ??  For example  when   fullscale is  400A       imin  is then  0.8 A     but   can I  also use a test current of  10A or  it should be higher compared to the example in the data sheet  ??