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BF537 to BF609 Porting

Question asked by tamirci on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by jobo23



I have started to port my project from BF537 to BF609. I usually prefer my own drivers based on register programming.


First thing that i need is to see ADI driver function bodies. I mean when i go to adi_pwr_init(,,,) there is only decleration available and there is no function body. I think functions are provided within dlb as library. is there any way to see adi driver functions to get them as a reference.


Third, Corescore Embedded Studio says me that you chose one application for per core project option. It indicates i have two sperate project folder Core0 and Core1. Applications are completely seperated. What are the other CCES project options for dual core indicates a reference manual for this but i could not find. Where can i find this reference manual.


isnt there any c function examples for device drivers a part from adi device drivers? Especially for critical parts like cgu, dpm events ...