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Help with ADC data stream from PL to PS. Whats wrong with this design?

Question asked by on Feb 9, 2015
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I'm trying to connect the AD7961 (5MHz) I designed tADC to Zedboard. I got the AD7961 no-os driver module from the AD7961 example project at AD-WIKI site which has the following interface:


module AD7961


        input           m_clk_i,                    // 100 MHz Clock, used for tiing

        input           fast_clk_i,                 // Maximum 300 MHz Clock, used for serial transfer

        input           reset_n_i,                  // Reset signal, active low

        input   [ 3:0]  en_i,                       // Enable pins input

        input           d_pos_i,                    // Data In, Positive Pair

        input           d_neg_i,                    // Data In, Negative Pair

        input           dco_pos_i,                  // Echoed Clock In, Positive Pair

        input           dco_neg_i,                  // Echoed Clock In, Negative Pair

        output  [ 3:0]  en_o,                       // Enable pins output

        output          cnv_pos_o,                  // Convert Out, Positive Pair

        output          cnv_neg_o,                  // Convert Out, Negative Pair

        output          clk_pos_o,                  // Clock Out, Positive Pair

        output          clk_neg_o,                  // Clock Out, Negative Pair

        output          data_rd_rdy_o,              // Signals that new data is available

        output  [15:0]  data_o                      // Read Data


I designed custom IP using AXI4Stream interface and in the default code I replaced the commented line with the assignment to adc_data_reg which gets the value of adc_data_out wire from the ad7961 module.

// Streaming output data is read from FIFO     

     always @( posedge M_AXIS_ACLK )                




           stream_data_out <= 1;                    


       else if (tx_en)// && M_AXIS_TSTRB[byte_index]


          // stream_data_out <= read_pointer + 32'b1;

          stream_data_out <= adc_data_reg;



And here's my block design:


I used the data_rd_rdy_out as a clock for the m00_axis and the fifo input. In the SDK I used the DMA to collect data in the DDR but when I check that data its not correct. Whats wrong with this design?

Could you please help me out?