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AD9361 - Connecting external LO and using internal LO

Question asked by GiladKR on Feb 6, 2015
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In AD9361, is it possible to connect an external LO (to both rx & tx) but still decide to switch to the internal LO ?

In this case, if the external LO is constantly running, would this interfere in any way with the units operation?


The idea is to have an option to RF sync multiple AD9361 units to a shared LO (as in FMCOMMS5) but still have an option to separate the units to different LO frequencies when needed.


As far as i know the only limitations for external LO are:

  • External LO runs up to 8GHz limiting operating frequencies to 4GHz
  • Rx and Tx LO are either both external or both internal


Am i missing any other limitation ?


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